A lovely desk calendar filled with hand-illustrated features everyday situations – seemingly mundane things – things we tend to take for granted, not realising that someone, somewhere, is praying desperately to have.

The 2022 Calendar is filled with artwork as a visual reminder for us to be thankful, and to realise that gratitude is a choice we can make, every single day. Complete with thoughtfully curated quotes to bring some meaning and joy to life, every month brings a different design to keep you inspired.

Finished with a beautiful matte gold foil stamping on the cover. Tailored specially for Singapore; public holidays are highlighted in red.

Flip over at the end of the month, cut along the dotted line, and you’ll have an art piece to frame up, or a little card to use to write to a friend!


About Actspressions:


Actspressions was started by Jolyn, who battled clinical depression and eventually overcame it, because of the people who fought alongside her – not through big, heroic actions, but by their small acts, with immense love. Actspressions was started to give voice to hope and healing, and to encourage the bravery to keep going. Actspressions believes that sometimes, the most profound courage is simply the decision to make it through another day: “I’ll try again tomorrow.”


After such a crazy, tumultuous 2020, the Actspressions 2021 Collection is filled with hand-illustrated scenes of peace, featuring staircases, windows and doors – a visual reminder for us to step up and do more to fight the good fight, look through the windows of another to understand and see the dignity that every human being deserves, and to walk through the doors of opportunity given to us to be a better human being, every day

Actspressions - 2022 Desk Calendar

    • Measures 18cm X 28cm                                                  
    • 13 pages, and 12 cut-out cards
    • Printed on thick, quality natural white textured paper
    • Printed and produced locally in Singapore
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