Alluring, magnetic and intense best signift the scent profile of Kaizen.
A rustic, on-the-edge scent that peaks the senses with a zing of ginger and vanilla; delivering a daring and captivating aroma.

About Alwis & Xavier: 

Alwis & Xavier looks to provide quality products that are convenient and portable, enabling anyone to smell great and make an impression wherever they are. Starting in 2018, both founders worked a number of years to finally perfect the right blend of ingredients, coupled with a range of uniquely bold and tantalizing scents.

All of our solid colognes are individaully handcrafted and hand poured with the utmost care and precision, using only the finest of ingredients ranging from Shea Butter to Vitamin E Oil. This not only enables you to smell amazing for periods on end, but moisturises your skin with its natural properties.

Alwis & Xavier - Solid Cologne: Kaizen

SKU: 831894
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