Artisan Origins: Kisumu, Kenya
This handmade pendant is individually hammered with unique textures.


The NYA Pendant Necklace is handcrafted by the artisan Ojiko from the Kenyan port town of Kisumu.


Having picked up the art of jewelry making in 2006 from a local apprenticeship in Nairobi, Ojiko’s biggest dream is to teach others to create jewelry that would, in turn, help his local community. 

About Artisan & Fox:

Artisan & Fox is an ethical marketplace seeking to connect you to extraordinary craftsmanship sourced from across the Majority World. They empower artisans - silversmiths, weavers, and other makers alike - who are cut off from international markets; be it due to infrastructural barriers, political and societal unrest, or rural conditions.


They only collaborate with independent artisans, artisan cooperatives, and certified non-profits, and work to ensure that artisans receive 50% of the profits from your purchase. Their remaining profits are reinvested into their social programmes, such as zero-interest micro-credit (Thrive Transfers), and their pro-bono outreach with Syrian refugees (Threads of Syria).

Artisan & Fox - NYA Pendant Necklace

  • Material:

    Fully made from upcycled Kenyan brass.


    Necklace drop length of 45cm.

  • Brass may tarnish with oxidation and exposure to moisture.


    To polish, simply use a wedge of lemon and wipe along the surface with a small cotton towel.

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