Artisan Origins: Kisumu, Kenya


Classical cave-drop earrings, with smooth light textures.

Designed as a versatile earrings for everyday or formal occasions, the SHIMO Drop Earrings are artfully handcrafted from traditional craftsmanship techniques with our artisans in Kenya.


About Artisan & Fox:

Artisan & Fox is an ethical marketplace seeking to connect you to extraordinary craftsmanship sourced from across the Majority World. They empower artisans - silversmiths, weavers, and other makers alike - who are cut off from international markets; be it due to infrastructural barriers, political and societal unrest, or rural conditions.

They only collaborate with independent artisans, artisan cooperatives, and certified non-profits, and work to ensure that artisans receive 50% of the profits from your purchase. Their remaining profits are reinvested into their social programmes, such as zero-interest micro-credit (Thrive Transfers), and their pro-bono outreach with Syrian refugees (Threads of Syria).

Artisan & Fox - Shimo Earring

  • Material:

    Fully made from upcycled Kenyan brass.

    Ion plated earhooks.



    7.8cm x 1.9cm

  • Brass tarnishes with oxidation and exposure to moisture.


    To polish your artisan's craft, use a wedge of lemon, and polish along the tarnished surface with a small cotton towel.

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