All bars have equal nourishing and moisturising capabilities, the only difference would be in scents. Safe to use on HAIR, FACE, BODY! Plus, you save on buying specific "shampoo" / "body wash" bars. All-purpose bars are the fuss-free way to go!

Scents available:  

  • Lemongrass (cleansing, refreshing -- smells like a holiday! We use sandalwood powder in our lemongrass bars, good to combat oily skin)
  • Vanilla (soothe irritated skin / sensitive skin)
  • Peppermint - with cocoa butter (refreshing, gentle)
  • Lavender - with cocoa butter (relaxing, aromatherapy)


About Bamboo Straw Girl: 

Bamboo Straw Girl is an earth-minded lifestyle brand focused on a conscious way of living. Starting with just bamboo straws in 2014, this social enterprise now offers a full line of hand-made zero waste products. For Mel, the "Bamboo Straw Girl", straws are a light-hearted way of starting serious conversations about eco habits and single-use plastics, of challenging people to realize that their little actions add up.

Bamboo Straw Girl works directly with independent South East Asian makers to create their nature-inspired products with a keen focus on waste-reduction. All products are low-impact, with little to no by-products or discarded materials in the production process.

Bamboo Straw Girl - Bar Soap (90/100g)

    • VEGAN-friendly, ANIMAL-loving (No animal testing), No Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), No Methyl Paraben, No Propyl Paraben
    • Low-waste production
    • There is near-zero material waste in their production process. All raw materials go into these products. Any off-cuts are recycled into consequent batches.
    • HSA-approved (Health Sciences Authority)
  • All handmade bar soaps contain base vegetable oils of palm and coconut oil that are chosen consciously.


    • Coconut oil is a gentle skin cleanser and gives us a wonderful lather. 
    • Palm oil is used to give the soap firmness. Your soap will last longer and will not melt away in the shower. Palm oil also nourishes the scalp and prevents dry scalp and scalp acne. Our palm oil is certified sustainable (Green Palm Sustainability).
    • No animal fat is used at all.
    • When vegetable oils saponify in the soap making process, natural glycerin is produced. Glycerin moisturises the skin by drawing water from the air into the skin's outer layer and forming a protective layer that prevents moisture loss
    • In commercial soaps, natural glycerin is extracted to be used in other products. The natural glycerin is preserved in the bar. We don’t test on animals, we love animals!
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