Sweet almond oil is a hypoallergenic and mild natural plant oil that is rich in Vitamins A, B & E to help moisturise, nourish and repair dry skin. It can also help reduce inflammation and skin peeling and is ideal to soothe sunburns and the symptoms of itchy skin caused by eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Sweet almond oil has a delicate, sweet, nutty fragrance with a clear golden colour. It has a medium skin penetration rate, making it ideal for those with normal, combination or sensitive skin.


This versatile oil can be used as a body oil, massage oil or makeup remover. It also works well as a deep conditioning treatment for dry, damaged hair and can help prevent split ends. Blend with a few drops of essential oils for added therapeutic benefits. A gentle oil, it is also suitable for babies and children, especially to help relieve irritation caused by nappy rash and to soften cradle cap.


Our organic sweet almond oil comes packed in a travel-friendly glass bottle with drip control, making it easy to use straight from the bottle.


About Biconi

The star ingredient of Biconi's capsule collection is Noni Fruit Enzyme, harvested right from the founder's noni tree farm in Malaysia. This family-run business began when they discovered the power of the fruit's healing properties which was used to restore a family member's ailing health. The noni fruit is farmed for its high antioxidant properties which help to revitalise the health of our cells, not only on the skin but also on our hair and scalp. As much as possible, Biconi source their ingredients locally and make their products by hand in small batches for maximum potency. All their products are free from harsh chemicals, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Biconi - Sweet Almond Oil 50ml

    • Mild & hypoallergenic oil, suitable for sensitive skin
    • Perfect as a body oil, massage oil or makeup remover
    • Helps prevent split ends by moisturising and nourishing the hair
    • Gentle enough for babies and children
    • Rich in Vitamins A, B & E to help repair damaged skin
    • Certified organic
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