Boba Sharp Edge Bamboo Straws are the perfect for drinking bubble tea! They are 21cm long, ultra-wide and guaranteed to be able to suck up any boba pearls.


About Bamboo Straw Girl: 

Bamboo Straw Girl is an earth-minded lifestyle brand focused on a conscious way of living. Starting with just bamboo straws in 2014, this social enterprise now offers a full line of hand-made zero waste products. For Mel, the "Bamboo Straw Girl", straws are light-hearted way of starting serious conversations about eco habits and single-use plastics, of challenging people to realize that their little actions add up.

Bamboo Straw Girl works directly with independent South East Asian makers to create their nature-inspired products with a keen focus on waste-reduction. All products are low-impact, with little to no by-products or discarded materials in the production process.

Bamboo Straw Girl - Bubble Tea Sharp Edge Bamboo Straw (21cm)

SKU: 8880000000000
  • Simply wash under a tap after everyday use. Use a straw cleaning brush for a more thorough clean. Bamboo straws can also be boiled to sterilise. Use an electric kettle, fill a container or tray with boiling water and soak the bamboo straw for 1 minute, then air dry.


    *We do not recommend dishwashers as this is an all-natural product.

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