Dr.Enzyme Face Wash is made of enzymes of skin loving botanicals like Aloe Vera, Osmanthus flowers, and Mint. It comes with a soft silicone brush that provides a gentle exfoliation on every wash, works with even the most sensitive skin. Non clogging and anti-inflammatory, its gentle and balancing properties restore the natural healthy metabolism of your skin, help to reduce acne and clears pores, giving your skin a radiant glow. Suitable for all skin types. Safe for pregnant and nursing mothers.


About Dr. Enzyme 

Dr.Enzyme is an eco living brand derived from plant-based enzymes to create liquid soaps and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) care that are natural and toxic-free. Their signature formulas are derived from different enzyme concoctions, each having to ferment for several months to years in order to reap the most benefits from each sourced ingredient.


Dr.Enzyme cleansers are “soap-free”. Their cleansing ingredients are fermented botanicals (soapnuts, tea seeds and honeylocust are the cleansing trio basis for all our cleansers). You may find these plants unfamiliar, however the Chinese civilization have used them for centuries before the introduction of fat+lye based soap post Industrial Revolution. They want to bring back the ancient, natural way of cleansing, inspired by our ancestors but adapted to
modern living.


Dr Enzyme - Face Wash

  • Deionized water, enzyme extracts of Soapnuts, Honeylocust, Tea Seeds, AloeVera, Lavender, Mint, Osmanthus, Rose essential oil, Magnolia, Coco-betaine, Mint essential oil, Geranium essential oil, Tea Tree oil, Ylang Ylang oil, salt.

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