These organic cotton reusable cloth pads by Freedom Cup are great for the beginning and ends of your period, where flow is slightly lighter.


Also works well when used in conjunction with a tampon or Freedom Cup.


Each reusable cloth pad is made of 100% cotton and certified organic.


It is crafted in Korea.




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Freedom Cup - Organic Cotton Cloth Menstrual Pad

PriceFrom $12.00
  • Freedom Cups gets reusable menstrual cups to women. 

    They work on a buy-1, give-1 model where every cup purchased allows us to give a cup to a woman in an underprivileged community. 

    This allows for a win-win situation where women who can afford it decrease their use of non-biodegradable sanitary products, and women in developing communities gain access to sanitation during their monthly bleeds.

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