100% natural air refresher made from lime and orange peel. Eliminate the stuffy odours and bring back the refreshing scent perfect for your personal space.


About Happy Earth Farm: 

Happy Earth is a small certified organic farm in Thailand with the goal of reconnecting everyone with nature. Their philosophy is to live, learn and grow with Mother Earth. They believe that humans and Earth are inseparable: what makes Mother Earth happy, also makes us happy. So all of their products are made by hand the traditional way, using only fruits, leaves, and seeds from plants grown on the farms within their farming community. These body care products are 100% natural, chemical-free, biodegradable and even edible. They are meant to be genuinely good for human beings, animals and the environment.

Happy Earth Farm - Aroma Bag (75g)

  • When we put grounded dry kaffir lime and orange peels into a small mesh bagh, we are turning a simple mesh bag into an Aromatic one.


    Whether you love it or hate it, this aroma bag can be used in your shoe cabinet,  wardrobe, car or even a bathroom. Let the natural essential oil from the kaffir limes and orange peels help you get rid of the stuffiness in your personal space.  


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