Kickstart your No-Poo journey with our Kick Starter Gift Set! Each product works synergistically to ease out your transition period making your No-Poo journey a bit less challenging. 


No-Poo Head to Toe Wash:

Made of only three ingredients, Kaffir Lime, Bitter Orange, and Bai Mee Leaf. It contains a high amount of fresh essential oils from the peels of the lime and orange. The cleansing property derives from the acidity of the lime and orange juice which also contains natural vitamin C. Its essential oil-based nature means the smell is amazingly fresh with anti-nasties already on its own. Meanwhile, the oil-based also means it contains a lot of earth element and is super moisturizing - perfect for those with dry, dull hair and skin. However, if you have normal or oily hair, you may find using the No-Poo Wash alone, too oily. 


Organic Jasmine Rice Powder: 

Jasmine rice is known to carry a good balance between Earth and Air elements, hence it helps to rebalance the condition of all hair and skin types. Used as the main ingredient in various skincare products, it has a clean and light yet not drying nature. When you are not sure what kind of skin or hair you have or even those with combination skin, it is wise to give their freshly grounded Jasmine Rice powder a try first as it is safe for all hair and skin types. The corse texture means it can absorb some of the excess oil yet not all of it, so there are still remains of natural oil on the skin. You can use it as a face mask, body scrub or even hair wash. It is also recommended to soak it in water overnight to activate its healing property before applying. Due to its coarse texture, it could be a little painful if applied as scrub especially for those with sensitive skin, hence we suggest applying as a leave-on mask first and see if you like to try it as a scrub.  


Organic Mung Bean Powder:

The fine particle of mung bean powder means it contains a lot of air element. To balance the air element out, you can mix it with other substances with the earth element. Those with oily skin will find this Mung Bean powder extremely cleansing and detoxifying as the powder absorbs the oil and exfoliate the skin. It is also particularly effective with blackheads or pimples. However, people with dry skin may feel Mung Bean Powder is a little bit too drying.


About Happy Earth Farm: 

Happy Earth is a small certified organic farm in Thailand with the goal of reconnecting everyone with nature. Their philosophy is to live, learn and grow with Mother Earth. They believe that humans and Earth are inseparable: what makes Mother Earth happy, also makes us happy. So all of their products are made by hand the traditional way, using only fruits, leaves, and seeds from plants grown on the farms within their farming community. These body care products are 100% natural, chemical-free, biodegradable and even edible. They are meant to be genuinely good for human beings, animals and the environment.

Happy Earth Farm - Gift Set

  • Gift set includes:

    • No-Poo Head to Toe Wash 250 ml 
    • Jasmine Rice Face Mask 50 g
    • Mung Bean Powder Body Scrub 50 g
    • Mini Luffa scrubber
  • Apart from using the above products on its own, there are different ways you can use it. 

    Below are cases where you can use them together.

    •  If you feel your hair becomes too oily after using the No-Poo Head to Toe Wash alone, it can mean that you have normal or oily hair and scalp and you may need some time to get used to the No-Poo life. Try doing a hair rinse with mung bean powder in water or apply mung bean powder on your wet hair after washing your hair with No-Poo wash to get rid of the excess oil. Your hair will feel clean and not oily, yet full of volume. 
    • If you feel their No-Poo Wash is too watery, you can mix it with either the mung bean or jasmine rice powder to give it more texture. It will also help rebalance the No-Poo Wash especially for those who find it too moisturizing. 
    • For body wash, normally using the No-Poo Wash is fine enough. But if you need a little bit of an exfoliating effect, you can also mix it with either the Mung Bean or Jasmine Rice powder, depending on what kind of texture you would like. Jasmine Rice powder is more coarse while the Mung Bean powder is finer. 
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