Looking for environmentally-conscious products? Choose from an array of colours from our T-shirt Yarn Necklace selection! For prints-based yarn, please note that the exact print on each item will differ. As the recycled yarn is derived from various sources, please note that the touch and feel of your yarn necklace may differ from colour to colour. Given the handmade nature of the product, each piece will also differ slightly.


About Indie Mama:

Indie Mamashop creates and curates interesting and functional accessories that improve the lives of both the people who make them and use them. They are a social enterprise on a mission to create income opportunities for the economically disadvantaged in our community. Indie Mamashop provides vocational skills training and sewing equipment to stay-home mothers. This form of flexible home-based work allows these women to earn an income while still being able to fulfil their commitments at home.

Indiemama - Tshirt Yarn Necklace

    • Made of 100% cotton T-shirt yarn OR 80% Recycled T-shirt with 20% Polyester
    • "Pendant" length is about 7.5 to 8 inches
    • Necklace extension is up to 13-14 inches (movable knot)
    • Care instructions: Handwash is preferred
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