100 grams
Made in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia by social enterprise Krakakoa – an ethical chocolate snack.


Halal-certified artisan chocolate. Delight in these chunky clusters of cacao nibs with salted caramel, roasted coconut chips, and Balinese cashew, for those moments when you need a sweet and salty nibble.

It’s a good snack – we promise you will like it.


About Krakakoa:

Krakakoa is a craft bean-to-bar chocolate company founded with a mission to improve the livelihood of Indonesian cacao farmers by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and tools to increase their income. Select high-quality fermented beans are purchased directly from the farmer at double the market price - this gives the farmer price security and an increased incentive to actively improve the quality of their cacao beans.

Indulge in the unique flavours and seductive aromas of Indonesia with their organically grown, farmer-to-bar chocolate products, made with passion and purpose via sustainable farming methods.

Krakakoa - Cacao Nibs (Coconut + Cashew)

  • Cane sugar, Cacao nibs, Coconut, Cashew, Coconut sugar, Lime juice, Salt, Baking soda

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