Plant your pens into a herb! You can choose from 5 amazing herbs like Tomato, Morning Glory, Okra, Spinach and Mustard Seeds.

Either you finish the pen or not you could remove the seeds from the bottom and put them in the pot to germinate. Add water, sunlight and lots of love.


They are all blue in colour and has a smooth gel-like finish.

These pens make a perfect gift or can be customized for a corporate order with a conscious of making a sustainable future.


About Left-handesign: 

Left-handesign is Singapore's 1st Plantable sustainable stationery & lifestyle brand playfully designed with light & love. Left-handesign is a sustainable stationery & lifestyle brand whose mission is to put nature back into people's lives. All products are made of high quality eco-friendly, organic and recycled materials.

Their 'Plantable Series' is designed and produced in support of a social enterprise in India, and consists of pencils, pens and notebooks that when planted grow into herbs.

Left-handesign - Bij Pen

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