For all the coffee lovers, introducing the pleasure of drinking coffee-on-the-go with your own reusable cup that is biodegradable! Every time you use your MY CUP by Left-handesign, you’re helping our Earth smile. To help reduce the amount of waste caused by single-use cups is to change how you consume coffee.


Imagine if we all did it? It could add up to a lot of cups per day and even more per year. Our efforts are to raise awareness and impact some real change in the way people drink their takeaway coffee.


About Left-handesign: 

Left-handesign is Singapore's 1st Plantable sustainable stationery & lifestyle brand playfully designed with light & love. Left-handesign is a sustainable stationery & lifestyle brand whose mission is to put nature back into people's lives. All products are made of high quality eco-friendly, organic and recycled materials.

Their 'Plantable Series' is designed and produced in support of a social enterprise in India, and consists of pencils, pens and notebooks that when planted grow into herbs.

Left-handesign - My Cup (Bamboo Fibre) 350ml/12oz

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