Bringing you an exciting new range of sustainable envelopes for which you can PLANT after it's use!


Usher in the Lunar New Year with this modern take on traditional red packets, also known as ang baos in Hokkien.

1st Design : Sprays of feminine Florals set on a background of lush landscapes as Nature remains the focus.

2nd design : Inspired by the Peranakan tiles with significant Lanterns which is present in the Asian culture. 


After giving them you can explain to the recipient on planting them into Tomato and Basil herbs instead of throwing them away.


About Left-handesign: 

Left-handesign is Singapore's 1st Plantable sustainable stationery & lifestyle brand playfully designed with light & love. Left-handesign is a sustainable stationery & lifestyle brand whose mission is to put nature back into people's lives. All products are made of high quality eco-friendly, organic and recycled materials.


Their 'Plantable Series' is designed and produced in support of a social enterprise in India, and consists of pencils, pens and notebooks that when planted grow into herbs.

Left-handesign - Bij Ang Bao Envelopes (Pack of 4)

  • Size: 17 x 9 cm

    Qty: 4 envelopes in a pack

    Herbs: 2 basil, 2 tomato

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