Cosy up in your bedroom with this throw blanket, featuring a woven geometric pattern. Each fringe blanket is 100% handwoven by the delicate hands of weavers from the Philippines, crafted with care and love. Drape this over your living sofa for a laidback, casual mood on a slow afternoon.

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About Mei's Own

Mei's Own is a Singapore-owned social enterprise based in the Philippines to provide education and vocational training opportunities for survivors of sex trafficking to pursue their dreams. 

To contribute to a wider cause of retaining and spreading the rich cultures and heritage of the Philippines, Mei's Own collaborates with artisans who have a native link to their countries, such as weavers from the Indigenous Yakan tribe and woodcarvers from Paete. Many of these third-generation artisans use their skills and knowledge to co-create products with the beneficiaries, teaching them age-old techniques and crafts, while at the same time helping to reintroduce the Filipino culture to them. In time, the women are no longer victims of sex trafficking, but they become artisans and creators in their own right. 

Mei's Own - Throw Blanket

    • Measures 62” x 92” approximately
    • Made in La Union, Philippines


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