Cotton-blend scarf hand-dyed with a specialised technique to create unique, one of a kind imprints.

Lightweight and breathable, this scarf is a perfect all-season cover-up. Use it however you like: as a bandana, neckerchief, hankie or a furoshiki lunchbox/gift wrap!

Plant Dyed with: Madder root, Cochineal & onion skins


*Each piece is unique and dye patterns vary. Images shown are for illustration purposes only.


About MELO handmades:

Created by a Singaporean artist based in Sydney, MELO handmades combines plant matter, non-toxic metal salts and fibre in the most wonderful and alchemic process to create one of a kind homeware, stationery, jewellery and art pieces.


Pigments, patterns and imprints are carefully coaxed from flowers, foliage and food waste to colour fibres and textiles using a variety of techniques. Materials are foraged conscientiously without disrupting the natural landscape or collected as floral waste from local florists and kitchens.

MELO handmades - Botanical Dyed Cotton Square Scarf

  • Available in 2 sizes:
    Approx. 45 x 45cm or 65 x 65cm

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