Reusable produce bag comes in a set of 2, dyed with plants or food wastes to hold your groceries.


Plant Dyed with: Pomegranate skins, avocado stones + skins, indigo


We love that it's all natural for your plastic-free shopping needs and fulfill your sustainability journey.

Handmade in small batches in Sydney, these light but tough cotton drawstring bags can hold up to 10 apples and have been finished with french-seams for better strength and a clean finish (no produce getting caught in loose threads!). The fine weave also makes them suitable for holding all sorts of produce - farmer’s market or bulk foods store, they’ll be your best shopping companion yet. Hand-dyed sustainably with pigments derived from food waste, they come full circle to give you the mindful shopping experience.


Each piece is unique and dye patterns vary. Images shown are for illustration purposes only. 


About MELO handmades: 

Created by a Singaporean artist based in Sydney, MELO handmades combines plant matter, non-toxic metal salts and fibre in the most wonderful and alchemic process to create one of a kind homeware, stationery, jewellery and art pieces.

Pigments, patterns and imprints are carefully coaxed from flowers, foliage and food waste to colour fibres and textiles using a variety of techniques. Materials are foraged conscientiously without disrupting the natural landscape or collected as floral waste from local florists and kitchens.

MELO handmades - Reusable Produce Bags

  • One bag measures approx. 25 x 30cm


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