Green is the new soap! MINT TONIC. Energising bar soap by MOJOMOJO is the icy boost to your shower. 

Combining the invigorating smell of Peppermint with natural antioxidants and antimicrobials of Turmeric and Annatto, it leaves your skin vitalised and protected.

About Mojomojo

Crafted for men who sees the good in changing their everyday habits for a more natural lifestyle with the switch to a natural bar soap and are now living their best shower life. 


Mojomojo is a family business from Singapore and Cambodia. The bars are produced in Cambodia by curated partners complying with top international manufacturing standards - Health Sciences Authority (HSA) & ASEAN Cosmetic Directive. The ingredients are naturally sourced from well-known Cambodian regions like Siem Reap countryside, Mondulkiri Jungle and Kampot mangrove.

At Mojomojo, they have a strong commitment towards each step of the value chain, all must be retributed fairly. They value close relationships with their partners as much as their customers.

Mojomojo Bar Soap for Men - Mint Tonic

  • Rub, Lather, Rinse 

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