One in five people experiences mental health issues, so why aren't we talking about it? 


Designed like an executable file format, the .exe yearly planner helps you execute and put your year into effect. In this undated planner (best for starting any day or year!), simple tools are inserted to encourage mental wellness through clear-goal setting, active lifestyle habits, and self-awareness. There are little games too :)


Mental wellness is as important as physical wellness. It allows one to be well-controlled of his/her thoughts, emotions and behaviour, copes with challenges, and lead a fulfilling life.


About Prömpts:

Prömpts, a social enterprise based in Singapore was started to support the mental health journeys of people around them. They aim to encourage mental wellness and shed light on mental health issues in the form of everyday items.


For every planner sold, a portion of proceeds will be donated to mental health charity funds. 


Prömpts - Planner (undated)

  • Size: A5, 350g 

    Cover: Hardcover, kraft

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