Rehyphen® pioneers an up-cycling initiative whereby discarded cassette tapes are collected and woven them into a piece of MusicCloth® as an effort to reduce and eliminate e-waste, while giving the product new life.


The tapes consist of polyester film with metallic coatings, which would otherwise be considered a waste material. The material is woven in a basket weave pattern, which allows stability and durability. Light weight, sound absorbing and highly water resistant too! Cloth edge finished in a smooth finishing. Each MusicCloth® has its own unique colors and patterns.


1. MusicCloth® has been included in museum collection in Red Dot design museum Xiamen in 2020.


2. Starting from 2021, when you purchase MusicCloth® map posters and products, you will receive a small card with a code - a refreshable digital mixtape specially curated for each city/country! Scan & listen to complete your MusicCloth® experience today. They refresh their playlist every month!







Hong Kong



San Francisco

New Zealand



...and more

DM us to find out more or to customise a specific city or neighbourhood!


* Please note that frame is not included.

Rehyphen® - MusicCloth® Map

PriceFrom $80.00
  • 18" x 12"

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