Sea Glass is a product of two factors: Nature and man. Once bottles, jars and glass, which were carelessly discarded, then worn by the waves and recycled by the sea.


The journey of a sea glass starts as broken, discarded pieces of glass from bottles, jars and anything made from glass, that made their way into the ocean. They would have drifted with the waves from the shore, finally ending up in the sea. 


These broken and unwanted pieces are over time eroded and weathered by the tumbling of the waves and ocean, their rough edges smoothened and rounded out. Eventually, after many years, they get a natural frosted appearance forming what we now call as sea glass. All from under the sea and each sea glass is one of its kind!


What we love about this incredible initiative is having the unique transformation of nature that comes from the body of water :)


About Sea Glass Project: 

Besides spreading the message for ocean conservation through up-cycled sea glass jewellery or art, the Sea Glass Project aims to encourage the coastal communities to take over the project of collecting sea glass and making them into beautiful jewellery. This would help in creating jobs and reducing overfishing through providing alternative livelihoods for communities by the sea, while conserving the ocean at the same time. 


When going about her collection, Anqi noticed that sea glass was mainly found on beaches where there were a lot of trash. This began her quest to use sea glass as a way to show the beauty of the ocean and to increase awareness of the need to save our oceans from pollution. She envisions a world where our waters are crystal clear, beaches are pristine and we live in paradise. 


*Appearance of sea glass may vary slightly from photos due to its nature. 

Sea Glass Project - Earring

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