Fresh clean floors that pamper your feet
Soapnut Republic Floor cleaner is a fresh, natural and safe way to clean floors and repel insects.


Cut down mopping time by 50% by not having to mop twice
Tackles stains, smudges and scuffs on floors
No stains (streaks) left after cleaning
Repels insects with natural Eucalyptus essential oil
Leaves your home smelling of fresh Eucalyptus
Works on wood, tile, laminate, marble flooring (Safe for all floor types)
Soapnut Republic Floor Cleaner is a Eucalyptus-fresh, natural and safe way to clean floors.
The magic is in a little berry called Soapnut. It is nature’s way of creating soap that extremely effective for cleaning, yet non-toxic and allergen free.


Soapnut Republic - 1 Litre Floor Cleaner (Bottle)

    • Blend in essential oils that make your floor fresh (Eucalyptus Essential Oil) and rids the insects with a natural antiseptic (Tea Tree Essential Oil).
    • All plant based formula == Cruelty-Free and Vegan by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
    • Biodegradable, leaving no harmful chemicals on the earth when you wash down the kitchen sink.
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