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Soapnut Republic Liquid Laundry is a natural and safer way to wash your clothes, that is suitable even for babies and people with sensitive skin.


  • Gets rid of stains and dirt from your clothing.
  • Keeps your clothes fabric naturally soft.
  • Retains colour of your clothes.

Soapnut Republic Liquid Laundry is a natural way to wash your clothes and keep you safe from harmful chemicals.


The magic is in a little berry called Soapnut. It is nature's way of creating soap that is extremely effective for cleaning, yet non-toxic and allergen free. Soapnut berry extract naturally softens your clothes fabric and retains colours.

Soapnut Republic - 1 Litre Laundry Liquid (Bottle)

    • Blend of Essential Oils - Lemongrass Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil, that leaves your clothes smelling fresh and naturally disinfect your laundry.
    • All plant based formula - Cruelty Free and Vegan by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
    • Biodegradable, leaving no harmful chemicals on the earth when you wash down the kitchen sink.
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