Made from handwoven bamboo by craftsmen in a small town in East Java, Indonesia.

This tissue holder is square in shape and can fit both stacks of folded facial tissue paper or toilet paper rounds.


About The Handmade Romantics: 

Proudly working with small-scale artisans and craftspeople, The Handmade Romantics bring lovingly handmade pieces from their maker’s hands to yours. They aim to create opportunities for artisans in rural communities, preserve heritage techniques in the face of modern technology and integrating them into our day to day lifestyle. Each piece has been lovingly handmade and tells the story of its origin and making.

The Handmade Romantics - Bamboo Tissue Holder

  • W: 4.5"

    L: 4.5"

    H: 4"


    Slight discrepancies of 0.2-0.3" may be expected.

  • Wipe down the holder with an anti-bacterial wet wipe to remove specks of dust. 

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