Celebrated as the 'tree of thousand uses' or 'the tree of life' in the Southeast Asia region – coconuts truly lives up to their name. All the parts of the entire tree, from the fruits to its roots, can be used to sustain all the necessities of human life.


Paying homage to our roots and values – meet the TSS Coconut Bowl and Coconut Spoon. The bowls are made from the husk of the coconut, which would otherwise have been discarded as waste, and the spoons are made from old coconut palm trees, which are felled after they are no longer able to bear fruit and replaced by planting new trees. Each bowl and spoon is sustainably sourced and skillfully crafted by hand in Vietnam. Using only an all-natural process of cutting and sanding, and polishing with coconut oil, the bowls do not go through any chemical treatment, making them safe for the environment and for you!


Featuring The Social Space's logo - Take a closer glance and you'll see the clean silhouettes of the coconut palm and waves, designed as an ode to our founders' days in Bali, which warmly holds a special meaning to us.Coconut – the fruit (or botanically speaking, a fibrous one-seeded drupe) embodies the ethos that inspired the start of The Social Space; its resilience, versatility and practicality is something we proudly uphold in our small business every single day.

TSS Coconut Bowls & Spoons

PriceFrom $4.50
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