Slow down, be present and get your hands on an art project that  fosters concentration for your inner circle. This could be a fun activity to connect with your community or on a virtual session.


  • 20cm Bamboo Hoop
  • Embroidery fabric with Shophouse sewing template printed 
  • Happy bunch of colourful threads
  • 2 embroidery needles
  • Step-by-step stitching instruction


About Yenidraws:


Yeni is a self-taught local illustrator who is inspired by her childhood memories, travel and architecture around the world. "Initially, as a stay-at-home-mum, I used art mainly as a creative outlet. Then I took a leap of faith in July 2020 and launched @yenidraws home products!" When Yeni returned to Singapore in 2018, she appreciated Singapore much more than before. She fell in love with the Lion City all over again. She was looking around for something unique which could represent our vibrant city. Without knowing, everything of her childhood were great nostalgic elements which we can all associate ourselves to. All those memories sparked inspirations for her collection of My Singapore My Home.


10% of each purchase is donated to Share The Meal, a World Food Programme by the United Nations. As a mother, Yeni strongly believes in using her art to help the marginalised, in hopes to have more happy bellies in the world.

Yenidraws - Embroidery Starter Kit (The Shophouse)

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