Reduces swelling, acne and prevents blackheads/whiteheads. Helps to brighten the skin due to its high vitamin C content. Maintains a youthful and glowing skin. Massage a few drops into your skin every morning or evening.

Hair Care: Improves the strength of the hair and gets rid of dandruff. Massaging the oil on to the scalp improves the shine and health of the hair. Rich in protein, fiber and potassium, this oil also prevents premature greying of hair.


* We recommend a patch test before consistent usage as a precaution for any sensitivity issues.

About Zawina Morocco:
A collection of argan oil-infused skincare. Their argan oil comes directly from their Moroccan Farm.

They are an artisanal brand and their products are made in small batches for freshness. Effective, earthy and luxurious...these products purify and relax. Sharing with you the experience of a real Moroccan beauty routine in the comfort of your home. Today, Rhassoul, Argan Oil, Rose Water and other natural Moroccan products are used in the luxurious Hammam rituals and spas around the world.

Zawina products are multi-purpose. They add Argan Oil to all their formulations to create an Argan Oil infused skincare line. Zawina products are created to respond to the skin's essential needs without stripping it or damaging its barrier. They always keep sensitive skin in mind.

Zawina hopes you enjoy their products as much as they enjoy bringing them to you!

Zawina Morocco - Fenugreek Oil

  • 30ml

  • Trigonella Foenum Graecum oil

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